Friday, April 11, 2008

Photo Friday: Fragile

Photo Friday this week is Fragile. This picture was from Summer '06 on a bike trip down by the river Des Peres. There's a little outcropping of rocks by River Des Peres Blvd., and Sophia wanted to stop to climb around. I thought, oh, sure, climb on the faux cliff. Then I hear it: MOM!

Of course, I'm thinking, crap, she's fallen, needs stitches. I turn quickly and see her pointing down at the rock. Then, the urban dweller kicks in. I'm thinking, crap, she's found drug paraphernalia or worse. But I walk over and see this. A nest, a duck's nest, filled with eggs. A duck that depends on the dirty nasty River des Peres. And on the goodwill of passersby and fast cars on the boulevard. They're eggs, so of course they're fragile. But doubly so, in my mind.

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christina ina said...

That is bad.
I played too.