Friday, May 09, 2008

Photo Friday: Professional

I love people who can do things I can't do.

Here is Juggling Jeff, a professional juggler, last summer at Shakespeare in the Park. The whole play had the theme of western this past year, so instead of his usual poofy pants and pretend Elizabethan getup, here he is in levis and a black hat. Bandanna.

Bevin and I sat on our little blanket on the hill and watched him juggle. He looks nice in those jeans, she commented. I had to agree, watching him walk around.


Annie said...

Hey, we met Juggling Jeff at something St. Ambrose... can't remember what. Boy Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet maybe? Entertaining.

LisaS said...

I like the fire-eating and juggling guys, myself. Maybe it's jealousy. Maybe it's just the theme of the morning.

Bridgett said...

A: I hoped he did more than just work for 3 weeks a year in forest park. I like him.

L: yeah, me too.