Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Part One. A Photo Review

October. It's halfway through and wearing me out. We started with a camping trip to Shawnee National Forest. Goodness it's a beautiful place.

It was an open house during the day at school. Here Daisy does some division. Montessori sometimes is amazing. This is such a brilliant way to teach division.

We went to a memorial service. All the kids--mine, my aunt's, my cousins', were so good. Stunning that there were no meltdowns. I guess cute desserts and lemonade (and several handheld electronic games) go far to keep kids happy. Later in the afternoon the kids went up to one of the hotel rooms, rented by my cousin from Indiana. My girls were happy to learn there WERE kids on this side of their family. Perhaps more to come.
Nice room, nice atmosphere. We sat kind of in the corner--my cousin, the daughter of the deceased, totally underestimated how many people would come. Which is a happy problem to have as long as you have enough food (they did). It was so well done. As my mother said, it was the sort of event my aunt would have liked to have attended.
I went to the pumpkin patch with Billy's classroom. Herding cats, anyone? But fun. One of those preschool traditions of autumn.

Atrium began. I'm the assistant this year, probably for my last year depending on job situations next year. Billy will keep going, though (and the girls, who attend on Sundays). Here Billy works on some "practical life". Atrium is the Catholic Montessori program. Catechesis through Montessori works, and works in her style as developed by Sophia Cavaletti. It is brilliant, but it exhausts me to be in there with all those preschoolers...
And I biked. Today, I did 32 miles. I want 38 by this time next week (brr it is chilly in the morning). As the year comes to a close, the trail I frequent gets less crowded. No one passes me anymore. It's me, a few die-hard moms with jogging strollers, and the old folks from the retirement home at Mile 1 who go out for their morning stroll. Which is perfect.


Indigo Bunting said...

A crazy but good October. (Mine has been out of control this year.) Beautiful photos. Congratulations on all the miles!

Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb said...

Those bike rides sound divine.