Monday, December 16, 2013

My Advent Prayer

I follow James Martin, SJ, on Facebook and therefore get his evening meditations each night. Here's tonight's. He makes me pray better. In that he makes me realize that prayer can be as simple as "Remember that. And thank God."

There's never a "too late" with God. Also, there's never a "not enough" with God. Even now, half-way through Advent, dashed plans and all, God is ready for you, waiting for you. And God is happy for whatever time you can carve out of your day for prayer and reflection. God wants your friendship--but like a good friend knows that you're busy sometimes.

Even in the middle of Advent, even in the wake of what you feel are plans for a more prayerful Advent that never came about, God is waiting for you. God is ready.

So rather than lamenting your big spiritual plans for Advent, why not do something simple tonight? Here's a suggestion for prayer: Just take a few moments and think about the way that God came into your life in a new way this year.

Remember that.

And thank God.

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Mary Helen said...

Thank you, God. And thank you, Bridgett, for sharing this. It's perfect.