Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Travel Questions: Please Respond.

1. Grand Tetons or Yellowstone?

2. Where to stay in Chicago in springtime, close to train station?

3. Worth driving into Canada if we're already at Glacier National Park in Montana? For more than just saying we'd done so.


Mary Helen said...

1. I don't really know about Grand Tetons. But I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone. And I think there are things to do in Cody, which is right by Yellowstone. (Lots of Buffalo Bill in Cody.)Being National Parks, I'm sure either would be a good bet.
2. Don't know much about Chicago. Kaylen might be a good resource.
3. Don't know how far into Canada you might want to drive, but it looks like Calgary is only about 3 hours in. There should be something of interest there.
Have a great trip!

Mary Helen said...

1. I don't really know anything about Grand Teton, but Yellowstone has always been on my want-to-see list. Cody is fairly close to Yellowstone, too. Lots of Buffalo Bill stuff there.
2. I'm no help about Chicago, but you have a sister-in-law who might be.
3. I don't know how far into Canada you might want to go, but it looks like Calgary is about 3 hours in. There should be things to see and do there.
Have a great trip! Planning is always an adventure in itself. :)

Mali said...

Chicago - you probably know this but I'll say it anyway - look at tripadvisor or airbnb (my new favourite for interesting and reasonably priced accommodation).

I'll be keen to hear your decisions. I researched the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone last few years as possible destinations for us. Yellowstone is only an hour or so from Grand Tetons. We were looking at doing several days in each.

Indigo Bunting said...

Wondering if you can get to both Yellowstone and Tetons. I've only ever been to Yellowstone, and not for long enough!

Eulalia Benejam Cobb said...

Yellowstone! The east side, where the wolves are (also known as the Serengeti of North America).

Mary Helen said...

I wondered, too, if you could do both Yellowstone and Tetons -- since they're in the neighborhood.

Catherine Ngo said...

How many days are you going to be in the neighborhood? We flew into Jackson Hole and drove through Grand Teton National park to get to Yellowstone (and then on the return to the airport). Would have been nice to spend a day or two exploring, but the drive through was beautiful.

Actually, I'd say to break camp/move around with a couple of days in Teton, and then in at least 2 of the 4 quadrants of Yellowstone - maybe Old Faithful and Tower/Roosevelt. The speed limit through out the park is like 45 MPH, and there are wildlife-caused traffic jams pretty often, so getting there is a big chunk of the adventure and it takes longer than it seems like it should. If you're going to stay in cabins or hotel rooms in the parks, book them as far in advance as you can. We stayed in cabins by Old Faithful (with remote bathrooms) and it was fine (youngest was 4 at the time).

Elyssa said...

Which train station?

Bridgett said...

Amtrak downtown